What is Quad-Lock?

Quad-Lock products are lightweight, insulating, stay-in-place concrete forming systems (“insulated concrete forms” or “ICFs”) for walls and/or floors and roofs.

Quad Lock Benefits

Solid & Secure: Quad-Lock ICFs provide exceptional protection from the tests of time and the ravages of na¬ture. The structural integrity of the reinforced concrete can withstand hurricane or tornado force winds and as¬sociated flying debris.

Energy Efficient: Quad-Lock homes can save you 30-70% or more on your energy costs*. With choices of true R-Val¬ues of 22, 28, 30, 38, 43, and 59, Quad-Lock walls provide superior insulation and minimal air infiltration.

Healthy: Quad-Lock walls will not promote rot, mold or mildew. Reduced air infiltration allows better condition¬ing & allergen filtering of indoor air. Temperature remains very steady without cold spots or drafts.

Quiet: Enjoy peace and quiet with greatly reduced noise transfer.

Sustainable Design: There is virtually no construction waste and any scrap can be recycled. Long-term building du-rability means a Quad-Lock home’s life-cycle is measured in centuries, not decades, and maintenance and operation costs are significantly lower.

SIMPLY the Better Building System With Only 4 Components

Polystyrene quad lock ICF wall design
There are only four main components to the Quad-Lock system (panels, ties, brackets and track), which assures simplicity in construction and supply.

All building elements are created with our patented panel and tie design. Horizontal reinforcing steel is accommodated in the ties, while vertical reinforcing steel placement is infinite, and can be preset.

No custom, special-ordered parts are required.

  1. Panels
    • Made of high density, fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS)
    • Panels are 48″ long by 12″ high (with varying panel thicknesses)
    • Scored and slotted every 2″ for easy measuring, cutting and tie placement
    • Combine different panel thicknesses for a multitude of different R-Values

    Plus Panels are 4¼” thick, are 3?” thick, and are 2¼” thick. and panels are also available with integral Furring Strips (FS) every 12″.

    Extra Panels are 4″ thick and can be added inside other panels to add R-Value and optimize the thermal mass effect.

  2. Ties
    • Available in 6 standard sizes for varying concrete thicknesses, such as 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and more
    • Color coded for easy identification
    • Serve as attachment points for finishes
    • Injection-molded, high density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Specialty ties including the Extender Tie (to create walls of almost any desired concrete thickness) and the Brick Ledge Tie (to create a concrete ledge for brick or stone exterior)
  3. Brackets
    • Used for constructing 90° corners, angles of any degree, openings, pilasters, columns, T-walls and intersecting walls
    • Galvanized steel and die cut for easy tie placement
  4. Track
    • Used for alignment on bottom of walls and clean finish on top of walls
    • Pre-bent galvanized steel available in 2¼” and 4¼” widths as well as Flex-track for radius walls

Financial Benefits to building a Quad Lock Home

Borrower finances 100% of Building Upgrades
– 4.25% 30-year mortgage
Traditional Home & Mortgage Quad-Lock Home & Energy-Efficient Mortgage
Energy, Resilience, IEQ Upgrade Costs $21,000
Home Value $300,000 $321,000
Down Payment $64,200 $64,200
Mortgage Amount $235,800 $256,800
Monthly Mortgage Payment (P & I) $1,160 $1,263
Monthly Heating & Cooling Cost $300 $150
Monthly Insurance Cost $150 $100
Total Monthly Payments $1,610 $1,513

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